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Day to Day Cue Maintenance

Re tipping a Cue

  1. Cut off old tip with a craft knife
  2. To level the top of ferrule, scrape with a craft knife or use a cue top sander. Make sure top of the cue and ferrule are perfectly flat and level.
  3. Using a tip size slightly larger than ferrule, flatten the back of the tip by holding the it between thumb and forefinger and rubbing on 240 grit abrasive paper placed on a flat surface, wipe dust from back of tip.
  4. Apply glue to top of cue, ideally use 2 part epoxy glue, such as Araldite, or Gel superglue.
  5. Gently place tip on to the glue and carefully centre tip with ferrule. Then press the tip down firmly, wipe off excess glue then gently release pressure (hold pressure on for 1 minute if using super glue).Leave glue to cure, recommended overnight for epoxy and 10-20 mins for superglue.
  6. Turn cue upside down placing tip down on cutting board and gradually trim off the excess tip to the size of ferrule using very sharp craft knife (suggest new blade). The closer you can trim the tip to the ferrule the less sanding you will need to do, this will also create less wear on the ferrule).
  7. With a flat file or course tip shaper crate a rough dome on the top of the tip, filing from the centre of the tip to the outside in a rocking motion, turning the cue as you go.
  8. With a strip of fine abrasive paper smooth the side wall of the tip into the ferrule, making sure not to touch the wood of the shaft bellow the ferrule with the abrasive paper.
  9. Finish off the dome of the tip with a tip shaper using a fine grade of abrasive paper in the same rocking action as before. Repeat No8

Also see Re Tipping Your Cue video.

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Stephen Maguire. Snooker Professional

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