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Ka Kwok

Dearest Mr. Parris, I am so excited. I just want to let you know that I've gotten my cue and case today, on August 1st. I have already tried it and I, believe me, have already fell in love with it. It is perfectly straight. My strokes are smooth with it, and it is very good in handling. Personally, I think you guys make the best and the most perfect cue in the whole wide world!! And I will spread out your excellent craftmanship to every single one of my friends. Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone in your company for being so responsible. Thank you very much!! I am so glad that I've chosen to purchase a cue from your company, the Parris Cues. Sincerely yours, Ka Kwok

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“I first encountered John Parris in the mid-Eighties when he offered to make me a replica of my original cue. I was so impressed with the results that when the ferrule suddenly broke on my cue during a tournament I had no hesitation in taking it straight to John to…”

Steve Davis, Six Times World Champion

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Curtis Braithwaite from interviews John Parris

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Ali carter wins Paul Hunter Classic


Congratulations to Ali Carter for winning the Paul Hunter Classic with his Parris Cue

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