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Paul Williams

Dear John, I've now had a little time to get used to playing with the cue you recently made for me - the very unique Ultimate Cue, Number 456. The eight uniquely coloured maple burr splicings have certainly been noticed by a few people, and will no doubt continue to be commented on - many comments I hasten to add sound more than a little envious! The cue is playing marvellously and the balance, as expected, is superb. Come the end of a session I don't want to put it down! As with the last cue you made for me, I'm extremely pleased with the results of your efforts. Quite simply, it is an absolutely great cue, not to mention a work of art too! Anyone looking for a top quality cue really should see your first, before they look anywhere else. I'm sure once they have seen your work, including the cues you’ve made for me, they won’t be purchasing a cue made by anyone else. I've seen cues, and repairs to cues, by other manufacturers. One, who shall remain nameless, claimed to make the finest cues in the world. Well, how such a claim could be made is beyond me, reasonable though they were, they didn't compare to a Parris Cue by a long mark. As the saying goes "You only get what you pay for!" I certainly won’t be going to anyone other than you should I ever need a ferrule replacing, or any other work doing, on either of my cues. Thanks once again for the new cue, and the old one. I can hardly wait for the next game at my local haunts, let alone the forthcoming county matches and tour events! Thanks again, Best wishes, Paul Williams

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“I think John Parris Cues are the best in the world. I would never dream of using any other cue. Many Thanks.”

Tony Drago. Snooker and Pool Professional

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Curtis Braithwaite from interviews John Parris

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Ali carter wins Paul Hunter Classic


Congratulations to Ali Carter for winning the Paul Hunter Classic with his Parris Cue

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