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Dear Parris Cues, I have been watching the world championships over the last week, and all week the have dealing with E-Mail questions from snooker fans around the world. One person asked a question about quality Cues. Well of course, Steve Davis answered the question and said " If you are a dedicated and progressing snooker player, then you need quality. What you pay for is what you get, and you can't beat John Parris Cues! " My friend has one he got it from the Regal Scottish Tournament, it cost him £300, but he said it's worth every penny. I'd like to get one of your cues, then maybe I could have the professional feel of an excellent cue. J.Durno Aberdeen, Scotland

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“I think John Parris definitely makes the best handmade cues in the world.”

Jimmy White. Snooker Professional

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Curtis Braithwaite from interviews John Parris

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Ali carter wins Paul Hunter Classic


Congratulations to Ali Carter for winning the Paul Hunter Classic with his Parris Cue

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