8” (20cm) Ebony Butt

8” (20cm) Ebony Butt

An 8” (20cm) Ebony Cue Butt

This can be used to replace the butt
section of your cue to reduce
it’s overall length

For use in tight positions were a shot with
a normal length cue would not be possible

The Butt has extra weight added to keep
as close to original cue weight as possible.
The joint diameter of the butt is
slightly larger than the joint diameter
of the cue.
This is to protect the cue joint when
the butt is attached.

This is not an Extension it is for
shortening the length of the cue


8” (20cm) Ebony Butt Image 1 8” (20cm) Ebony Butt Image 2 8” (20cm) Ebony Butt Image 3

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