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What are the delivery times for cues, cases and clothing?

We do have cues in our shop for customers visiting us to try out and buy on the day. With mail order cues I do prefer to make these to order, so that I can insure you get exactly what you want rather than trying to find something in stock that is close to your requirements.
The delivery times for cues vary depending on model and style. In general 3/4 cues are quicker than 1pc.

Approximate Delivery Times

Parris Collection Cues 30-40 weeks for 16” 3/4 cues and 12-18 months for 1pc, 2pc and 12” joint butt cues
American Pool Cues 30-40 weeks
Limited Edition Cues 12-14 Months
Special Cues 24-32 weeks for 16” 3/4 cues and 16-24 months for 1pc, 2pc and 12” butt joint cues
Paragon Cues 24-32 weeks for 16” 3/4 cues and 16-24 months for 1pc, 2pc and 12” butt joint cues
Ultimate Cues 12-18 months for 16” 3/4 cues and approximately 60 months for 1pc, 2pc and 12” butt joint cues

Leather Cases 32-50 weeks depending on design and workload

Clothing 1-3 weeks

Delivery times do depend on the availability of the correct shaft for your cue. The shaft has to have the correct weight, balance, rigidity, feel and of course the right look. All shafts are individually selected for each cue by John. We have shafts constantly in various stages of production with a new batch being finished every 2-3 weeks. Shafts take from 6 to 12 months to produce depending on the model, it is important they are made slowly to ensure stability.
Although every effort will be made to complete your cue as soon as possible, delivery times quoted are approximate and can with some of the higher end cues take considerably longer. If we are taking longer it is only because we are perfectionists and trying to find the ideal shaft to make your perfect cue. Demand for Ultimate cues has increased considerably over the last few years which has caused an increase in delivery times for these cues.
Parris Cues cannot be held liable for cues taking longer than the approximate times above.

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