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In creating a Parris Cue, John Parris ensures that each one is made from the finest materials available.

The shafts are of the highest quality straight grained mature ash or maple. These woods are hand Selected by John and examined at every stage of manufacture, any shafts not up to our high standards are rejected. John feels that the shaft is the most important part of the cue, and must have the correct feel and rigidity so it will be able to perform the full range of shots expected of a John Parris creation.

When the shaft is finally selected and cut to the appropriate length the butt is then carefully hand spliced. This involves the shaft being hand planed then inlaid with a minimum of four separate splices of exotic timber (usually ebony or rosewood). Butts can also have decorative splicing and veneers to give the cue individuality. We stock a wide range of exotic and rare timbers which are selected for their unique grain patterns and distinctive colourings.

About Us - John Parris Cue

The cue is then fitted with a brass ferrule to protect the top of the cue and give a good seating for the tip. A leather pad is moulded to the end of the butt (not applicable to cues with S.D. joints).

Cues can be one piece or jointed. Joints are made from solid brass to our own special design and are precision fitted to each cue ensuring perfect alignment and contact.

The cue then goes through nine different sanding operations to give it a silky smooth surface.

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Finally linseed oil is applied to the whole cue and the butt is burnished with wax to give a warm, smooth, natural feel. You will find this finish unique to a Parris cue and very different from that of lacquered cues which are more common.

We have a wide selection of sizes and styles in stock or we can make cues to your exact specification. (See Cue Builder section for Special, Paragon, and Ultimate cues).

Readymade cues, cases (including our own handmade leather cases) and accessories are available from our London showroom. Customers are welcome to call in for friendly service and expert advice. We also offer a guaranteed insured world-wide delivery service.

Used and trusted by many of the world’s top professional players, Parris Cues are the ultimate in cue craftsmanship.

We have every confidence that you will find a Parris Cue a pleasure to use and a joy to own.

John Parris has been making cues for over 25 years. In that time he has worked with most of the top professional players, either making them new cues or re building and repairing much loved cues they have used for years. The experience John has gained over the years, working so closely with the world’s top players has given him a unique insight into the requirements of all players. John’s unique skills and unsurpassed attention to detail has enabled Parris Cues to become famous worldwide as the no 1 in cue craftsmanship. John Parris cues set the standard that most other cue makers strive to achieve.

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“Dear John Just a few lines to express my gratitude for all you have done for me, as with regards to the cue you have made for me and the alterations you have since made to it. I am sure your craftsmanship has helped me achieve the ranking position I…”

Stephen Lee. Snooker Professional

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